Thursday, July 31, 2008

The wonders of Facebook, Gatherings, Some Truths from Me and The Game - My Life

Today I have been feeling very mixed mooded where one minute I want to talk about Life then the next minute I feel like trying to collect my thoughts on what the future holds in general. Now its been wierd.

I now have Facebook which I did have one time then decided against it and now I have it back again. Maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind when I first shut down Facebook but luckily I decided to have Facebook.

Now here's a list of people who think of me as a religion which I find really funny and I know its a joke on their end but credit to them. Charlie, Jessica, Dave From Blue Skies, John Cox, Liam (LittleRadge) and Twig think of me as a religion and thats cracks me up. Thanks guys you are awesome.

Speaking about Charlie. Im really looking forward to his gathering tomorrow even I know it could be one of the biggest gatherings that the UK has done. Well Charlie is well big on Youtube obviously and he deserves it because he is funny and looks like a nice guy and looking forward to meeting him hopefully tomorrow.

Anyway I heard some sad news that Mhazz may not attend the gathering because we spoke to each other briefly on BlogTV and Mhazz asked me if I was going to go to David on Friday which I said yes and asked the same thing and she said yes. Now it involved something that happened the other night which Im not going to talk about that is something between her and Alex when I read their blog/diarys. But I heard its ok now which is good news. Mhazz You will be missed tomorrow.

I know that Mhazz probably wont read this but I will explain that every gathering she goes to she brings an atmosphere that is so unique like a few youtubers she has a charm that makes me want to smile and wish nothing but the best for her. She has a great singing voice and I know she will reach seriously. I was quite surprise that the gathering that I held back in Christmas was her favourite when she mentioned it on her old blog. It had a tear down me when I read that.

Now reading that made me feel good because a couple of days after that gathering and this is the first time I have mentioned this I felt very suicidal, maybe I felt I would never see any of the others again I know strange me. After a while I realised I did a great thing by bringing people together and it wasn't about Youtube T-Shirts and Youtube things but its about how the day goes thats more important to me.

Im looking forward to Charlies one tomorrow and NSG's one next Friday which both should be awesome.

Quite surprise how personal this blog but I rather explain all of my truth.

Peace out people


Oh yeah here's a bonus track from the Rapper (The Game) It is my favourite rap track of this year and its called My Life Feat. Lil Wayne

The Link is below to listen to the tune.

The Game ft. Lil Wayne - My Life | Rap Basement

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