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19th July - The Convention, Youtubers and Stag Night

OK People this blog is in three parts

1) The London Film and Comic Convention In Earls Court 2, London
2) Youtubers Meeting (Very Short)
3) Stag Night for my brother's best mate's brother.

Part 1 - The London Film and Comic Convention

Now the Earls Court London Film and Comic Convention is the second one I have ever been to which is fantastic. Now I was meeting up with my friend Arron and couple of his friends which were Billie (William) and Chris. I met up with Arron at around half 9 in East Croydon Station where Arron told me we were late in meeting up with his friend Billie so we rushed over to him in Victoria Arron and myself met up with Billie at London Victoria at around 10am which was cool, we went to Earls Court where we got into a queue then soon Chris turned up with Arron trying to ring him.

By 11am we got into the convention where we went inside looking around the different parts like the The Fast and Furious Car, The Back To The Future Car and Little Talks going on.

Everything that you could want from the convention like Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Anime, Japanese Anime, Only Fools & Horses, Comics, Videos, DVDs, Blu-Rays, HD-DVDs, Imported goods and lots more stuff.

Now the first thing I remember is seeing five trailers of different Universal films that include the New Mummy Film, Hellboy 2 which I can't remember the title plus 3 other trailers that included a film starring Jason Statham called Death Race. Which Arron was very interested in the comics that involve around Zombies. Now Billie filled in a survey on the five films and got a free poster of the New Mummy film that is coming out later this year.

Around 11 to 12 o'clock I said to the others I wanted to meet Jason Mewes who is one of the funniest guys I have ever seen on screen he is so funny.

So I waited in line to meet up with Jason Mewes which I was in the queue but didn't really care because he is the guys I always want to meet in the general. I admire his work as Jay aka Jay & Silent Bob with Kevin Smith. Once I got up to him, I said I'm a big fan of Jay & Silent Bob and asked him whats next for Jason Mewes.

Now Jason mentioned to me about the next project he is working on with Kevin Smith directing and its called Zack and Miri Make A Porno and he told me that it is not a Jay & Silent Bob which to be honest Im glad it isnt because I felt we need a rest from Jay & Silent Bob even though Im a big fan of the merchandise.

Here's a link to the Internet Movie Database of the film - Zack and Miri Make A Porno IMDB Link. So I thanked him for the auotgraph and it was great meeting him.

So I was able to meet back with the other guys in time for a talk that wasn't my cup of tea which a comics talk which even Bille, Arron and Chris were disspointed in so we went off to look around. We were surprised about how small the venue was as last years one was a lot bigger to see. We looked around and needed some time to think about what to buy so we walked to find somewhere to east, we all went to seperate places because we all have different tastes.

So we went out to lunch for a couple of hours and then decided to head back to Earls Court where we went around again to see anything new and decide on what to buy in which in the end Arron bought a couple of comics that involve Zombies which is really cool. I think Chris bought some Japanese Anime type stuff or Transformers I can't remember which is a shame. Now Billie had to go at 3pm because he had to go to a party.

Before that I met up with Peter Davison who was the 5th Doctor back in the original series of Doctor Who. Now he was such a nice person to meet and great. Once I got up to meet him, he was so approachable I said he was a brillant doctor which he didn't have the best stories but he was brillant in playing the role differently than the others. I also said I liked him in CIN special and in which he said it was a brillant script done by Stephen Moffat. So afterwards I met up with the others and look at the stalls to see anything esle on the market. Chris really wanted to the See the Japanese Anime stuff but there wasnt much. Oh yeah before we left Arron, Chris and Myself saw an interview beening recorded by a news programme which could the local one which was told by the stag guys that I met later on.

OK onto my opinion of the event. I felt it was more of a let down looked like it was disorganised and seem the planned it in a rush even though they had 10 months. I think it should have not have been in Earls Court 2. It should have been in Earls Court 1 which they held the Doctor Who Convention which I'll go to in August hopefully. I love Doctor Who. I felt the people they had coming to the convention was the big saving point. They all the star trek people, sci-fi stars, Doctor Who and more. Overall I hope they do a lot better in the organisation skills of the event in general otherwise the 2009 one will be the last one I ever go to which will be a shame. The food and drink was expensive as well. I think conventions dont understand that a lot of people who come to their conventions are working class and only have enough money to just get basic things they need.

I will admit the admission to get in was very good which was 5 pound because I went to the convention at around 11am which is cool, so thats my review of the convention. May go back next year hopefully to give it another chance.

Part II - Youtubers

I quickly met up with a few youtubers at 5.30pm in Convent Garden a few of them wanted me to stay but I couldn't because I have a busy night ahead. Which they were jokes being played including Dave from Blue Skies trying to put a Ukelele up my arse and they gave to me for 5 minutes in which I played a crap tune and dont know how to play it. Which kinda sucked. Now Jonny wanted to do a picture with me and all the girls but everyone jumped on board but it turned into a video which everyone laughed about. But I had to get going to get ready for later on which I had to rush and didn't have a chance to say goodbye at the end of the day. So I went back to Arron and Chris to have a final drink in the Moon Under The Water Pub in Leicester Square. So Chris had to leave at 6.30pm to head home so I had to get more money for tonight and I was right to get some more.

Now My brother was worried over the phone that I brought trainers may have some trouble getting in the places we may go to but it turned out to be no danger at all but anyway onto the third part.

Part III - The Stag Night For My Brothers mates brother. (Adult Content)

OK Onto the part I am really looking forward to writing. OK My brother Roger told me about a stag night thing that was happening the night before and I felt like why not because I get along with all my brothers mates as they are fantastic to be around. So I accepted to come.

Arron and Myself were walking to Charing Cross and Arron had to get his train to get home because he tired out from all the journey and he woke up early for himself. So he got the train back at around 10 to Seven and at around 7 o'clock my brother turned up and brought a bag with shoes just in case in which it wasn't needed. We had to get to Chuncery Lane in a Pub called The Yorkshire Grey where we met up with my brothers mates Stephen, Chris, Clifford, Martin, Paul, Gareth, Chris's Dad and the Bride's Dad and I can't remember who esle.

Anyway we stayed at the Yorkshire Grey for about an hour and decided to move on to the Griffin Bar which is a Strip Bar which we stayed there for an hour. Now in the strip bar we had to paid one pound everytime for someone to strip which it made someone leave which I found funny. I did get a private dance with one of the girls which was 15 quid pretty expensive but the girl was worth it in my opinion. I think her name was Sara. I was pretty pleased with the overall dance she was real good. Anyway around 10pm we decided to head to the Karoake Bar for the rest of my evening and the same with my brother which was good but got boring after a while maybe it was because of the orange juice I was drinking but it was good for certain periods.

So My brother any myself left the place at around half 11 at night to get back home to Roger's place which we were able to get the train to Purley then walked all the way back to Roger's place in Purley Oaks which was cool and it was nice. When we got back we watched one episode of The Mighty Boosh from Series 2 which was the opening episode. Sadly I felt alsleep after 5 minutes and thats the end of my day.

UPDATE - 20th Of July

Oh Yeah nearly forgot Benjy also known as DoctorBenjy on Youtube finally got featured for a video called "When Do You Feel Alone?" which is fantastic I remember Benjy telling me about this video and asking what I think about it and I said it is possible it could get featured on Youtube and it has.

If you haven't seen it check it out here -


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