Friday, July 25, 2008

Channel Recommendations, Guilt and My Future Of Youtube

Brillant news is that I have brought back the channel recommendations which is really cool. I like doing them it shows my honesty and my heart and soul.

Here's the two latest ones if you haven't seen them

Toddly00 -

DMcLean1989 -

I really miss doing them.

Why Do I feel Guilty well I was reading Jess (xbrokenmindedx) Blog that a group of youtubers who wanted to see me last Saturday (19th Of July) 2008 bought me a Ukuele now I thought it was someone who brought their own one as a Joke to play on me about the Secrets video I did. Once I read Jess's blog I found out they bought it for me and it made me feel like shit. Now they didn't tell me it was a gift or I probably didn't hear them saying it to me. I felt like a fucking prick for not taking it. Maybe it was because If I did I would feel my Intergrity would be destroyed I dont know. Oh in the dream the Ukuele wasn't pink it was a rainbow coloured one.

Sorry to anyone who got offended but at least Alex got the Ukeule which is cool.

Anyway here's a clip with Ukeule in it done by Randomprodinc

Its near the end of the clip.

Now onto my Future within Youtube. I have been thinking for a very long time now the other day my mate "TheBlazingArrow" aka Arron left Youtube because he had enough of doing youtube videos and felt it was a pressure to mix work and doing videos. I was about to quit last Saturday until NSG came to me with this MyBoxxCollective idea and I felt really happy to be honest made me feel good.

Now with Youstage at the moment I feel it could be the last gathering I ever go to at the moment, now I may change my mind by the time it gets there now remember I said in a entry that people do change their minds because it depends on their mood as a lot of people dont really understand that it is moods that determine whether we want to do something or not. I know some of you are thinking that Im talking crap but there are times I want to quit.

We have to wait and see until after Youstage Festival. YEAH.

Anyway here's some details of the Youstage festival coming -

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