Wednesday, July 09, 2008

How To (Videos) + Update on Secrets Video I Did.

OK I'm a big fan of these how to videos which offer a serious or funny insight on how to get into the youtube community which is really cool.

Now the first two videos I am going to put on the blog are the satire ones which mean they have a serious thing in it plus when it shows a funny side to what happens to it like with Blunty3000 one's he does the actual actions even if he doesn't do them type of videos.

Here's Blunty3000 video called Vblog - how to be popular on youtube

Awesome stuff.

The 2nd video comes from Charlieissocoollike which is called How To Get Featured On Youtube, which I still believe to this day it is the smartest idea ever, while with the video he explains the rules of how to get featured and then breaks them within which made UK Youtube love the video at the time. Now this video did create an uproar on Youtube and it nearly made Charlie quit but Im glad he is here on Youtube today and still going strong.

Heres the video just to watch...

Now onto the 3rd video which is a bit more serious video that comes from Blade376 and its called How to Vlog for the first time which I already know how to already. This got featured globally with over 350,000 views last time I checked. Anyway Myles is a nice guy and does put the effort to change the world. Even if people think otherwise.

The 4th video I have found is from Nerimon aka Alex Dayn who I dreamt in a gimp suit for some reason in one of my last videos. Anyway he did a guide to arty videos which was to help out with Charlieissocoollike's Children In Need thing last year. Pretty good video which never got much attention as the first three but really good to watch.

The 5th video comes from my favourite youtuber of all time and thats Nalts. He talks about viral video making and being a viral video genius which he does in a comedic way which makes it entertaining to watch.

OK I do miss them How To, I know there are more existing ones which are really cool to watch. But done by average youtubers who ain't in corporations or working for main stream corporations. Anyway that is five choices I have found.

Anyway the Barry Aldridge Secrets has done better than I thought to be honest Im surprised by the reaction which good news is that Mhazz, Alex and Dave loved the video and lots of others plus it got featured on Utubedrama which I don't give a shit about that website. I think Trevor is stuck on a sinking ship and doesn't want to leave. His website kinda bores me. I did like he put me in by suprised which I laughed about but I think of him as nothing but someone who has a dumb dumb in his mouth being a baby.

Here's the video again for people to enjoy.

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