Saturday, July 12, 2008

London Film & Comic Convention + The Triforce Podcast

OK everyone I got some news.

Next Saturday I will be going out with my mate Arron Anthony and his mate to the London Comic and Film Convention in Earls Court. I went to the one last year which took place in September it was a fantastic experience to go to. Now Last Year I met up with Billy West who is one of the voices of Futurama which to me it is one of the greatest shows in the world.

Here's a picture of Billy West -

Although it costed me 15 pound to get his autograph which I found as a rip off but I'm glad to get his autograph which I mentioned in a vlog one time.

Anyway for the link to the site is The London Film and Comic Convention in Earls Court on 19th Of July and 20th Of July

Oh yeah Tom linked me to his latest podcast. Thats Tom (RandomProdInc) from youtube with Charlieissocoollike did a podcast looking at E3 Predictions which I thought ok cool. I asked Tom If I could link/promote the podcast and he said "if you want"

So here's the podcast

Anyway on another note I will be starting to write my detective story very soon. Plus I will give you some gaming talk in the future.

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