Monday, July 14, 2008

Detective Story (Setting), Mhazz = Wonderful, New Stickam, The O Campigan Update

Hey Everyone.

Its time for the start of my story, now before I begin it has nothing to do with Youtube community. It is something completely different that I have planned for this story. I love doing stories I think it builds up on creativity and expands his mind to the point where you want to make yourself aware how full of life you are.

Anyway I only got the intro so far where it is set in the office. The office is in Brighton, around 10 minutes from the Churchill Shopping Centre and it is near the beach area which the office is situated in a flat where it starts out in the middle of the night.

During the series it is set in London, Brighton and America at the moment.

This picture looks at the location really well. But it starts out at the middle of the night. Where it is a full moon hanging by the window well not really but there is a full moon out there. So anyway It starts out on the 3rd floor where our main character Barry Murphy. Who is in a dark light sort of Jacket it is quite big that captures the viewer. You need Barry Murphy pulling a smoke and lighting it up while in 3rd person explaining who he is and how he ended up in Brighton.

Murphy talks about getting dumped by his girlfriend over a situation that he didn't know about. Murphy likes to relax with a smoke thinking that life is so much better. He explains that he has friends who is telling him to stop smoking as he started after his former girlfriend Jessica walked out on him for unknown reasons which wont be explained until later in the series. A friend of Murphy walks into the room.

Oh yeah I went to Mhazz's Youtube channel and I saw her latest video on her autoplay which it never showed up in my subscription box. I hate youtube for this I really do. Anyway enough of talking illness.

Here's her latest song which I love so much. The comment I left on the video was "Ah Great song Mhazz. Makes me happy hearing you sing." This is so true.

Its a cover of The Fratellis song I can't remember the name unless you click on the clip and it will take you to the video page. Thanks to Mhazz, Dave and Alex. I am fan of the Fratellis. Thank You guys. Even though I ain't a fan of Indie Music or whatever they call it nowadays. Thanks again

Oh yeah I got banned from Stickam last night and it was because of streaming a Doctor Who episode, which I knew I would get done but still wanted to entertain Tom who wanted to watch it no idea why as I had no sound on it. But anyway I got a new account and I will not do the same mistakes again.

My New Stickam Account

Anyway on a lighter note, The other day I promote Smivadee's latest video "The Biggest Winner" The good news is that it got featured in The Non-Profits and Activism section all over Youtube, which Matt if you are reading this blog, I would like to say congratulations. It is a brillant cause and felt it needs a lot of exposure and I hope it does get properly featured Globally I hope because I think it will make other people open their hearts if they want or understand someone who has lost a friend through Cancer. Look at one of previous entries to see the video.

Thats it for now. Speak Tomorrow.


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