Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is Life A Beach? (In More Detail Opening), Guitar Hero and Run DMC Video

OK Everyone this is a rough idea of my new film idea. I will be working on it more but you will see the same stuff over and over again which I know will bore you but it shows my work in progress to get the idea right.


Scene 1 - (West End London - Warehouse) -

OK we begin our story with some shouting between a group of people talking about a drug deal that is going to be set up. Johnson is there listening to his boss Gregson. Everyone at the meeting is dressed up in suits sorting out a plan to get the deal done without anyone getting hurt and keeping the money. Johnson has some concern about the whole deal, knowing what could happen if it goes wrong he could face death from his bosses. Within minutes they head to their cars heading to the deal. Johnson has been thinking about leaving London for quite a while, he is sick and tired of how lifestyle with all the murders that is happening involving knives and guns. Gregson wants to get the deal done very quickly, so he could go watch the football match with his son at White Hart Lane with Tottenham Hotspur taking on Arsenal in a North London Derby that has a lot of passion.

Scene 2 - (Clapham Junction, South West London) -

Now it was about to turn really light at 8am in the morning it was very cold. A group of kids are hanging talking about life in general and waiting for the suits to come for a deal. The kids are in Hoodies but with not the hoods expect for a couple of kids. They were wondering how they were able to deal with the next step with the suits. Now Gregson, Johnson and the suits finally arrive to meet the kids. Now the kids have their weapons ready to take the cash and drugs away at the same time leading to them doing the same thinking as the suits.

The suits think of the same thing. Johnson is getting sick and tired of this and says can he get something from the local cafe and Gregson says sure, which Gregson trusts Johnson for a long time not knowing that Johnson wanted to head home.

Scene 3- (Johnsons Home in South West London - Location is unknown at the moment)
Johnson decides to call his girlfriend Emily to say he is thinking about leaving London, which Emily is shocked by this and wants to know why.

Notes from the last blog about my story
I basically want to set a film where I got the character named Johnson who has had enough of London Life after a drug deal down in Clapham, South London went all wrong and thought it was time for a change in scenery.

Now Johnson rings up his mate Curly who wants to come down to Newquay. Now Curly used to live in London years ago and thought the lifestyle of London was too out of control with gun and knife crime that forced him out of the city and head to the westcountry.

So Johnson agrees to come down to the Westcountry to start a new life to see his friend Curly. So he tells his girlfriend that he is moving to the westcountry and his girlfriend (Emily) says she will see him in a few days once she isn't busy with her job.

Now Johnson is wanted by some gangsters in Clapham for messing up the deal with cocaine between some big time gangsters who live in a posh area of Clapham. They want Johnson dead big time because of this.

So Johnson inbarks on his adventure to the westcountry via train from London Paddington. It shows some of the journey where Johnson is very bored and going to sleep a lot.

Suddenly the train finally stops in Newquay. He finally wakes up and he gets off the train and sees his new life in Newquay Station.

Now Once Johnson walks out of the station with his suitcases. He meets up with his best friend Curly and shake hand and give hugs. Like they haven't seen each other for years. So they both walk into the town centre. Where they discuss business and how life is different between London and Newquay.

Now Curly Explains that Newquay is very different to London, that there is no hassle, no roughness and no gangsters unless for some chavs and thats it. Curly explains it is a holiday town. People want to relax more.

Enough of my film storyline in Newquay.

Here's something fun to end on. Guitar Hero. It is the God of Games, its one of the greatest things ever although my brother has said that it is better that you learn to play a guitar properly which I agree with and make the game more challenging which I can understand. Anyway here's an interview with DMC about the song he did with Aerosmith which got included in the Guitar Hero Aerosmith.

Here's the original video for you to look at

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