Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blog Or Vlog?, Chad Vader, Doctor Who and Detective Story

OK Everyone hello and welcome to my latest blog.

OK First question: Blog Or Vlog??

The answer to that is Blog to be honest, I feel so much more happier to blog at the moment because Im in a phase that I am not happy with Youtube or making videos in general. Dont get me wrong I Like Youtube but not at the moment where I am in a phase where I was so obbessed with Youtube quite a lot at one point but now I feel Youtube isn't the place it once was, which makes me feel sad. So you will not be getting a video for a quite a while.

Anyway I was accidently reading Paperlilies and I agree with her that this video here explains the phase that I am going through accept I usual do nearly every day and the user Speppers hasn't done one in a while.

Now who knows I may change my mind over the next week but at the moment thats I feel about youtube. To me it is sad that I could lose faith with youtube but hopefully my faith will come back probably not the same full of life on youtube but get near there.

Moving on, I remember the very first youtube videos that I watched on the site and it was a series called Chad Vader done by Blame Society Productions. I find this one of the funniest series that I have ever watched. I got their DVD od Chad Vader before they disclosed it from selling I dont know why.

Anyway I'm going to share with you the whole series as a playlist.

Here we go.

Now the series starts really well but I feel Episode Eight was a bit of let down but there were some funny moments in the episode. My favourite episodes were Four and Five.

OK Topic Three

Doctor Who Im starting to miss it from our screens, I remember Alex Day being on Stickam which was Dom's (MyShowbizName) room and saying how are we going to fill up on saturday night and I agree with him. Doctor Who is one of the only programmes that is worth watching on television which I find very disspointing. I know My Mum and Dad pay the TV Licence and If I was paying for it because a lot of programmes I find on television a real disspointment which I am sad about because I can't remember how much the TV Licence is but I have to say it is not worth it at the moment with the programmes that is mainly on. I miss having Sky Digital because it was full of stuff that I could find interesting.

Anyway back on Doctor Who I'm rambling I was watching the series three dvd and I haven't been in a full mood so I started to watch the doctor who dvds and in particular the third series of the new Doctor Who that has Martha Jones as the companion. I consider this my favourite series since it came back.

My Favourite Episodes from series three were Human Nature and The Family Of Blood.

Human Nature Trailer -

The Family Of Blood Trailer -

The reason I really like this two parter is because of the storyline and character development within this story. I remember agreeing with a forum that this is a very different style of doctor who story to watch. It is one of the most darkest stories that has come onto the screen of doctor who. I will admit it never too much special effects accept for the laser and death sequences. I like the character dynamics within the two parter. Jessica Hynes (Formerly Stevenson) played an excellent character of Nurse Redfearn and I thought Freema Agyeman came out of her shell a lot more in this two parter showed what she can do.

OK Onto the final part of the blog.

The Detective Story I got a rough idea on how to proceed As the first episode in rough the character is called Barry Murphy. I based the name well the first name is me based on and the surname Murphy is based on a computer game I played years ago, The character was called Tex Murphy. Its going to be a serious based storyline but it will have comedic elements in there which I will be happy to employ. The story is mainly based in Brighton and London like I said originally. Hopefully it should be fun.

If you got any comments about any ideas please leave a comment or e-mail me but please if you are a youtube user please dont Private Message Me I hate it to be honest.

Well Im off to the Brighton Carnival this afternoon, should be fun, Catch you guys next time.

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