Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Diary Of Newquay (Part 1) / Stickaid 2008

OK everyone Im continiung my dairy into Newquay. I will remind you guys with what has happenend so far everyone.

Saturday (28th Of June)

OK left home at around 8.00am in the morning which my Dad nearly left his pills which kinda sucked which I wanted to get to Newquay as quickly as possible. Took around 6 hours and had one pitstop which made me think about home in general. OK got to Pentire in Newquay at the Pentire Mews which is an awesome place to be. OK I stayed in for the first night accept I went out for a walk and watched Doctor Who that evening. Which was episode 12 called Worlds End and I thought it was a brillant episode that had full of character and great storyline involving the Daleks and the return of Davros not seen since 1989 in Rememberance of The Daleks. (Update on the 5th Of July - Episode 13 Journey's End was fantastic and great). For the rest of the night I watched Will Smith Films on Filmfour including I Robot and Indepedence Day.

Here's a picture of me in the flat in Newquay

Sunday (29th Of June 2007)

OK My mate was going to arrive and thought I'll check out the local scene in Newquay where it is just a small town.

Now This is a town that I may not be able to last two weeks but one week I would be able to survive for. Its a great place to end up at the end. I spent the morning with my parents on a beach which I can't remember the name but heres a picture for you to look at.

Now it was a great beach and decided to have lunch at a place that reminds me of Fawlty Towers which was a comedy back from the sevenites and it was really good to go to. I think the waitresses didn't like me but I don't care as long Im doing well.

OK I met with my mate Arron at Newquay station.

Now once we met it was fantastic to go to.

Great the diary has come to an end and now onto Stickaid 2008

OK Myles Dyer (Blade376) is doing his Stickaid campigan again for the 3rd year running.

Here's his video for this year

Right I did a response promoting Stickaid 2008 plus I give my SSBB Friend Code for the Nintendo Wii. My friend code is 5198-4020-8468.

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