Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Vlog Done, Change Of Moods, Skateboarding and Sitcoms In Brief

I have done a new vlog which is good news which a couple of days I said I would take a break but I did said in the next blog I may change my mind, that it happens to everyone like it could be a mood change. But The next vlog won't be until at least sunday when I am up Earls Court because I will be filming some stuff and explaining how I feel about Earls Court in general.

OK I was speaking to PJ the other night about that he remembered that I would never a blog which was true at the time but I said to him that people can change their minds, now this depends on the mood you are in. If in a bad mood you are more negative and rant about all over the place. If in a good mood you are more positive. There are times you can mean what you say during the time. I remember Myles Dyer telling a group of us saying he has privated some of his private videos just because he has a different opinion on what he originally said which I can understand then it doesn't leave people confused.

Anyway onto the final part of the blog. Skateboarding. some of you are thinking WHAT?

Now I watched todays featured video that was called Sessions through May and June. It shows some great skateboarding skills that made me love it.

OK Here's the real final part I was thinking about sitcoms today and I was watching an old Blackadder episode from years ago and made me think about comedy back then and comedy now. I believe we had some excellent comedies in the past that include Blackadder, Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses, Red Dwarf I could go on and on. Anyway I think sitcoms nowadays have no passion or desire to make us laugh. It could be freedom of expressions or the writers are total idiots I don't know. Not my place to say OK because I aint a comedy critic.

Anyway I was also thinking about the sitcom called Spaced which I like a lot which is so awesome. here's the very first episode of the show -

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