Monday, March 30, 2009

I love Spring & Runner Up In Little Rich's Lottery On Youtube

Spring is brillant, its my 2nd favourite season right behind Winter just. Spring has an openness to me that brings warmth to peoples hearts.

I love Spring that it has fresh air to the world, I love it so. I went out with my Dad and Ruby down to the beach and it was really fun.

I wish Spring could last forever its always better than Summer.

On another note I was checking in my Youtube Subscriptions and I found out that I was a Runner Up in Little Rich's Big Lottery which is really cool. I won a slot on his channel and $15 Amazon Voucher which is really great.

Here's the video with the result.

Right Im off to check out some sites and then play some computer games.



1 comment:

el director! said...

winter your favourite season? not me, personally i hate the lack of daylight. but i do love springtime!