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NSG - 12th Hour (EP) (Review)

Hey everyone

I thought I would do a review of a project that NSG did in 12 hours. This type of music project is original and would be a good challenge to see if NSG could do it.

So NSG the day before announced on his Youtube channel that he was going to do an album in 12 hours and I was excited to see this. He asked whether we want to see him on BlogTV or Stickam to do the album. So we were able to see NSG work on the album and we could have a good chat to give ideas.

Now onto the album itself. Originally I think NSG wanted to do a full album but by the third hour when I joined the chat for the first time, I think NSG realised it was more likely to be an EP online release.

So here is the final tracklisting that came with the album

NSG - 12th Hour EP

1) Searchin (Feat. Miz Kaz & ChosenLogic)
2) Get Up (Feat. Eddplant & ChosenLogic)
3) Taking Over Me (Written by NSG & Eddplant)
4) Higher Place (Feat. Ortopilot & Miz Kaz)
5) Madness of the 12th Hour (Feat. Hexachordal & TEMPHUiBIS)

OK Lets get cracking

Searchin - It has a really smooth RNB feel to the start of the album while using NSGs touch that would be recognised by his audience. NSG comes out really smooth on this track. Miz Kaz's singing style really suits the track. ChosenLogic a guest MC in this track and the next one, he did a great job. (4/5)

Get Up - This is a track that gets into your face. Edd's soft vocals on this track really meshes well on this. NSG and ChosenLogic come real hard on this track. I thought ChosenLogic came out stronger on this track. The aggressive is there and I can understand what they are saying. (4.5/5)

Taking Over Me - This track was written by NSG and fellow Youtube EddPlant. This track has an Indie feel to it that EddPlant could have been on the track as well. I really like the hook on this one. It is addictive

Higher Place - This is my favourite track on the EP. OrtoPilot does an excellent job with the guitar and vocals which made this track outstanding. NSG comes out with solid soft touch verses which help the track. Miz Kaz's voice is so smooth in this track makes me feel like I am in heaven. This track I hope goes onto an album one day. (5/5)

Madness of the 12th Hour - This is a good mix of Instrumentals from NSG, Hexachordal and TEMPHUiBIS. With NSG doing vocals on this. It reminded me of ticking clocks for some reason. I liked the mixture of Hexachordal and TEMPHUiBIS. Very nice track to close the album. (4/5)

Overall the EP gets a 4.5 out of 5. For the amount of time it took to make it is incredible which it gets 5 stars for that. NSG must have been under pressure to do this and I give him a load of credit.

He did mention that he may do one a month which I hope it happens, but I can understand if it turns out to be too much pressure for him.

The EP is here and you can download it now.

The link is here - NSG 12th Hour EP

OK I got a new video out and its called 2 Truths & 1 Lie which has spread around Youtube for a couple of months but has died down in last couple of weeks.

Lucky though I decide to do one and I filmed this last Sunday just in case I was going to be busy for this week.

So here is the video and guess which one is the lie I will reveal the answer on the 15th of April

OK Thats it everyone

Happy April Fools Guys


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