Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bullet Point Entry of Thoughts and Happenings

OK I am not here to do a proper blog today but it will be in Bullet Points

- Met up with my mate Arron on Friday and Saturday down my way

- While in Brighton on Friday Arron and I saw Chris Eubank (British Boxer) which didnt know until someone shouted "CHRIS CHRIS". I think Musicfromblueskies thought I was lying when I mentioned it on Facebook. Edit at 11:30pm GMT - Musicfromblueskies believes me in the end. Sorry mate and it was a misunderstanding.

- We saw something strange with Pigeons looked like they were humping each other down at the Marina on Friday.

- Got back to my place to record the third podcast episode of mine which wont be up until Wednesday the earilest.

- Watched Knocked Up on Blu-Ray and I fell alsleep half way through to the end LOL.

- Saturday just chilled in Brighton with Arron got extra change from Subway when I bought a 6" Sub

- Back Home and chatted to friends online for a little bit.

- Chatted to GeorgieBoom asked if I was going to go to a gathering soon and sadly I cant because of Money Issues

- Going to stop using Twitter and Dailybooth for a bit unless it is something really important. I will not delete them like Nerimon but I can understand why he did it. It would be impossible to me to delete Facebook because I have Real Life Friends who would want to know what I am doing and so I am keeping that for life.

- Barry Aldridge Asks is coming back this week. Dont Worry I will only embed my videos on this blog and Facebook from now on. The reason I did embed them on Twitter in the past was on sub box issues that still go on Youtube now but I dont mind now on if people have seen or havent seen it.

- Not happy with Youtube that they got rid of Spotlight Videos on their site unless it is for themed days which is very strange.

- Finally I feel the creative juices coming back HOORAY.

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el director! said...

Delete Facebook, you actually get your life back!