Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Helping Out People and Why I cant Delete Facebook

Hey Guys

Now I have been great today that things look right at the moment.

Now I was contacted by my Cousin on Facebook this morning and he has become a ghost writer for a children book series.

The Book is called Rashouk the Cave Troll (Beast Quest)

Here's the link where you can buy it

Rashouk the Cave Troll at Amazon.Co.UK

Now I have bought the book to read myself and also for the family to help my cousin out.

I also bought Sweeney Todd on Blu-Ray for 8 pound which is a brilliant price for Blu-Ray plus I wanted to see that film for a while.

It stars Johnny Depp, who is a brillant actor and the fantastic Tim Burton directs the film.

Anyway sorry Im going off topic here.

Now the other day someone told me to delete my Facebook and what I mentioned about my Cousin asking for help is one of the reasons why I cant delete Facebook. I got friends and family on my Facebook who I havent spoken to in a long time and I would and they would like to know how we are doing.

A few months ago when I signed back into Facebook for the second time, I found a couple of friends who I knew from school and they were glad to hear from me which is awesome. One of them said they were really glad I have Facebook. Thats another reason why I cant delete Facebook.

Im like Alex Day when he goes and slangs off at Facebook for being horrible with the tagging pictures and videos that annoys a lot when online friends do it nearly all the time. But Facebook has some great qualities having quizzes, embedding videos and setting challenges and groups. When getting invited into groups can be a pain but I just ignore them thinking they will stop after a while.


Barry Aldridge Asks is back for sure.

Now I think I uploaded it at the wrong time after the maintenance. I dont know the sub box on the front page is broken for a while then it gets all the videos missed in the last few hours after like 12 hours. So when there is a maintenance on Youtube I may upload any future video a few hours after the maintenance has been done. But I dont mind now It will eventually get to people.

The next video will be Face 2 Face and I can not reveal who it is. Hopefully I will put it up by the weekend. Only person I contacted knows they are next.

OK I got some editing to do tomorrow for the Adur Talking News and The Podcast Episode Three tomorrow.

Bye Everyone and have a great week.


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el director! said...

I think you have a point about F-Book. For you it works, but I just never got into it. A great vid and I think I can't live without sunshine. That's why 2008 sucked...