Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Week Of Heaven/Hell & The Future (Jobs and Youtube Videos)

Hey Guys

I had probably the best week I had in a long time. Everything seems to be going right at the moment and seems clicking.

Now I have mentioned on my Twitter and Dailybooth which I am going to use for very important stuff from now on that I had a job interview. Now Im starting to use Twitterfox for some tweets.

Now on the Tuesday after writing my blog about my Cousins book, Sweeney Todd and Facebook.

I went onto the Wired Sussex website to look up for jobs which I have been doing that for the last year and it was start to piss me off because of whats going on with the recession and any other business. So I found a job from a company and they wanted a web developer so as usual I applied for the position, thinking I am going to get turned down again.

By the afternoon I got a phone call from them, telling me that I had Interview and asking me if I could come on the Friday afternoon at 1pm which I said Yes automatically which is awesome. I told the people at RBLI who are helping me find work and they were thrilled which was awesome.

I was able to go out onto the beach with really good thoughts about whats going on in life. I had to stay focus but I was nervous but lucky though I had other things going on.

On Wednesday I went to the Adur Civic Centre for my charity duty for Adur Talking News and it was my first day doing some editing for the show that was recorded the previous night. Now this was really great. Ann and Chris were already there waiting for me to get to it and Penny who I saw at one of the recordings helped me with the editing and we learned a lot from each other that day.

Ann taught me how to zoom in on a part of the broadcast and I was able to teach them how to use Shortcut Keys and that you can use the keyboard to find certain points. I loved that day and enjoyed. Penny was a pleasure to work with. Afterwards I was helping out with the packing like the first time I went there and it was tough part waiting for the CDs to be done and then once done I was able to go off home. I was still nervous about Friday and went back home to look some audio stuff that my mate and I recorded the previous Friday night and some of the audio was impossible to hear and I couldnt put it up as the third episode on my podcast which is a shame. So it was a mixed day on Wednesday.

Now Thursday I had to go to Worthing to the Job Centre to tell them about my interview coming up the next day. My family thought I needed a suit for the occasion next day. I went to a store called Beales and they had a 25% off everything sale which was cool and found the suit I wanted which it is this picture which I showed on Dailybooth and Facebook.

Here it is again.

Anyway by the evening before the interview I was really nervous and needed to keep focus. So It was approaching my first ever Job Interview and I was able to get a good night sleep but I got up too early as usual.

Now around 8am I thought I'll mention the interview for the first time on Dailybooth, Twitter and Facebook and I had people wishing me good luck and saying I was going to be fine.

Now onto the Interview in the afternoon had to wait until half 1 and the Interview turned out to be incredible and one of the best feelings in my life. We chatted about the Job Position which I said I was interested and they offered me a trial which pleased me and Katherine of RBLI which was awesome. While at the Job Interview they explained about their Digital box which proves to be so much better than SKY Digital and Virgin Digital, which impressed Katherine and I. They mentioned some really cool and made me feel that the company are going to be huge one day, I can promise you that.

The rest of the day I spent watching Wrestling DVDs to calm down that I had the best news ever and then I mentioned the news on Twitter, Facebook and Dailybooth that I got the Trial and the Internet community offered me congrats. My family and my mate Arron are happy for me.

Now today I went back to Worthing to see whats out in the shops and nothing much out at the moment. Also later I was recording some parts for my Face 2 Face Interview which goes out tomorrow. I still going to tell you whos next, so you will find out in the next video.

I will say I am impressed with this interview and I loved doing it. I will admit I am upset with the viewing numbers for my latest Barry Aldridge Asks but it did get a good response from people.

Now the next couple of videos will be Face 2 Face being spreaded by a week so there will be one tomorrow and the next one will be the next Sunday.

Thats it for now.

Sorry for the long entry but I felt I had a lot to say today.

There will be an entry tomorrow to talk about the latest Face 2 Face Interview.

Bye for now



Anonymous said...

Stylin' and profilin' there Barry. We've so pleased to hear you got a job interview. Hope it goes your way.

Anonymous said...

Ditto. Glad things are going well dude, I was so excited when I got my first "real job".. I had to do a 3 month trail! It was hell haha :D

Dr. Noise said...

congrats on everything barry

Bill said...

Great entry. I love hearing good news. You should feel really good about this.
Congratulations, Barry!

el director! said...

fingers crossed barry - hope everything goes well and congrats on getting the interview!