Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Face 2 Face with DoctorNoise

Hey Guys

I forgot to post a blog the other day talking about my Face 2 Face Interview with Bill Martin AKA Doctor Noise.

Bill is one of the nicest guys I have spoke to online. We always have great chats on Skype. We talk about Football/Soccer and other stuff that we like.

He gave me some great advice on how to deal with my old computer even though I havent gotten around to doing it yet.

Originally Bill wanted to do his parts with singing and I would do the same afterwards but time was always a factor and it never happen, oh well cant win them all.

I love the Jump Cut style in the interview that Bill used as so many other youtubers I know use it that include Fallofautumndistro and Vlogbrothers.

I love intro and outro bits that he did for me which was awesome. It was great he gave me help on what questions to ask him which was awesome.

Loved the interview altogether.

Glad I did it with Bill Martin.

Things happening in real life is the reason why this blog was later than expected if you have been reading previous entries and I aint going to explain again.

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