Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Dead Space (Awesome)

Hey Guys

Dont Worry Im not taking part in Blog Every Day in May (BEDM), just some quick notes about whats going on?

First Im not going to talk about my Job Trial anymore. Its best to keep private until something happens that is ok to mention.

Second I have played Dead Space yesterday and it is a fantastic game, great graphics and the suspense is awesome, I mean really awesome. Glad I got it so cheap as well.

This game will really get at you hard and make you want to see more it is so good. The voice acting is brilliant, the number of weapons you have is really cool. You have to destroy the aliens differently to other games which makes it original to play.

Here's a trailer of Dead Space (The Game)

I feel like playing some more later on its great.

Third - Tomorrow Im working on next video which is another Face 2 Face Interview and the footage I got for the next interview is solid gold. Cant wait to put it together. It wont be up until Sunday.

Thats it for now



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