Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Trial (Failed and Staying Strong)

Hey Guys

I thought I'll let you know how I did on the trial if you havent heard at all. Now after 9 days working for them on the final day I got a call from RBLI who helped out a bit saying the bad news that I didnt get the job with Global Digital Broadcast as a web developer, at first I was really sad but I sort of knew at the end that this would happen. Lucky though I had a great time over the two weeks with them. Maybe it wasnt mend to be, maybe god has a better plan for me in the long run.

I got some brilliant experience from working there, I got a colleague's e-mail which is brilliant to ask designing advice which I will ask for one day. I never got to see my main boss on the final day but I think it was for the best. I had no problems with anyone in the company, they were shocked I didnt get the job as they thought I was good person to work with and they found it sad. They wished me nothing but the best and I did the same back.

In the end it was down to experience and timing that costed me from getting the job but I will improve in the future.

When saying goodbye to everyone it felt great I was able to finish what I call a chapter in my life. When I walked through the door to my home yesterday I felt I was a hero.

Today I went back to Brighton for a quick reflection of my time plus something else to do. In a way Im glad I didnt get the job because I would treat Brighton as business rather than pleasure, weird I know. In the end I felt proud of what I had done in the two weeks.

Like I said I think God may have a better stage for me and I would do great in the long run but who knows. I am going to miss working with Global Digital Broadcast, picked up quite a lot and I think the future is going to be great.

like I said on Twitter eariler today - "you win some and lose some, I wished I got the job at GDB but it has made me more determined to get one YES."

Thats I got to say.

Bye for now



Steven said...

It's a shame you didn't get the job Barry but I agree with you, God has bigger plans for you.

All the best,



Jase said...

Barry you're such an inspiration! With that attitude you can conquer anything <3

Anonymous said...

I could never be as positive as you in the same situation. I hope you get what you want in the future.

Caution Wet Paint said...

Unlucky about the job, but as you said, the experience will prove usful for the future - good luck B.