Friday, April 10, 2009

The Good Friday Blog Entry - Youtube Stuff (Promoted/Featured) and Eminem Excitement

Hey Guys

I havent done a normal blog entry talking about my life in a while, so I thought today I would do one for you.

Right I have been looking for work for the last couple of weeks. Sometimes I am in the mood for looking and other times because of the recession I think that there is no way I can find something. I got an interview with to help out with Foresight which should be awesome. I rather have something to do than sitting on my butt at home. I know that Youtube is just a hobby and I can enjoy whats going on while it lasts.

I was talking to TEMPHUiBIS last Saturday when I met him in his hometown of Stratford. One of the things we discussed about the state of Youtube which was included in this video. Pardon my voice in the video I had a cold in it. Its around the 10 minute mark that we discuss it.

For anyone who wants the short version. Temp and Myself agreed that Youtube could be coming to an end soon and we are both there to enjoy ourselves in different ways. Temp enjoys doing his music and doing game/film vlogs. While I enjoy what I do in sense of vlogs and maybe doing reviews in the future.

Speaking about Youtube. For some reason they decided to promote/feature four of my videos which came as a surprise on Tuesday when I was watching some of the VEDA entries as I looked down in the featured videos bit it had one of my Playstation Review videos and I was thinking WHAT?

Later on that day I did find out that Youtube (UK) were promoting four of my videos. Both parts of my Playstation 3 Review, Face 2 Face with TEMPHUiBIS and my last video 2 Truths & 1 Lie. This has shocked me where I am getting more comments for the Playstation videos which I am surprised that Youtube promoted these as I think they are rubbish videos.

Im pleased they are promoting/featured my latest video but to promote four videos is a surprise. Getting promoted/featured does help you in view counts which is a surprise.

Anyway moving on from Youtube stuff.

I deleted my last post on Eminem's new video "We Made You" because it got deleted oh well. I knew it was going to come. Anyway when I do the answers to 2 Truth & 1 Lie I may talk about in my next video about Eminem.

The tune is so catchy.

I cant wait until the 18th of May now with the Inbetweeners Box Set and Eminem's new album being released on the same day.

Anyway have a great Easter weekend everyone.

This is my last post until Easter.



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