Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things going sweet, Youtube and 2 Truths & 1 Lie (Answer) Video

Hey Guys


Life is going well at the moment that I had my meeting with 4sight (West Sussex Association for the blind) yesterday, the person's name was Pat and he was a great guy who was brilliantly helpful. He told me at first that he couldn't help at all which sucked but he did tell me that there is a local team who do a Talk show on CDs for the blind every week. I was invited to see them and they told me what they do every week and found it very good. I was helping out with the show to think what could be cut out of the show. Good news was that they didn't have to take too much. They did repeat an article from the previous week which I saw as a good thing that it gave the show less time. The idea was suggested to add music in the middle and at the end of the show.

The programme they used to edit the shows is Adobe Audition 1.5 and it looked similar to the other audio editing software I used in the past.

When the job was done with the editing it had to be recorded onto a CD using Nero Express which I regard as excellent software for copying material.

Next thing was to print out some new labels for their listeners who hadn't returned their packages every week.

After the Master CD was copied it was taken into the room where they record the shows and they copy Master CD onto 70 discs where they record them onto 6 discs at once which is awesome. I hope it is a way that they produce music albums to fans.

Once they finished copying all the CDs we were able to put them into packages so then they are send out to listeners. All it took was a couple of hours which was awesome and I don't mind going back there.

I know they do recordings every Tuesday evenings from Half 6 to half 8 or 9 o'clock. So I will be attending a recording to see how they do it. It may give me some ideas what bits could be edited out to help the others when they are editing whether it is.

I think this is a great opportunity for me and hope it builds up my skills for the future.


OK onto the next topic Youtube. There has been a lot of talk about whats going on with it going to turn like with its layout showing Movies, Music and Videos in the tabs.

I went on there this morning and found nothing to that. But Youtube have decided to put into a super secret which you can find here Youtube Beta Information Channel Now with all the negativity with whats going to happen. So far it has been done is really good, I know people will disagree with me on this but I like the new Beta channel set-up within Youtube. You can edit it on the spot within the profile page. Makes it so much easy.

I will admit hearing about that Youtube could be going through changes over the last couple of weeks, that I wasn't focused on that. I felt I had some problems within my real life which is more important to me at the moment

So far the changes I have seen on Youtube AT THE MOMENT are good but who knows what could happen later in the day. I will re-edited if something does.


I did a video the other day which was the 2 Truths & 1 Lie (ANSWERS) for some reason I thought I did a blog post to show I had a new video but it didn't so here it is.

Right have a good week everyone.

Take Care



Lewis said...

Hey Barry :)

I also agree with the YT thing. Although there are some glitches, I like the concept of Beta Channels and ... yeah. Just awesome :) Looks all neat and compact which I like!

Bill said...

The most important part of Youtube are the comments. Right now they're hard to get to. That's the one thing that makes us a community. I don't mind being pushed off the main page or in our own area. But I'll be upset if these changes hurt our sense of community.