Thursday, March 19, 2009

Watchmen was Brillant & Face 2 Face Enquiry

I watched the Watchmen yesterday at the Odeon in Brighton. It was the best film I have seen in a long time. The storyline was brillant it had so many plots but it was so well done from the beginning to the end.

I like Rorschach character because he is a guy who is trying to do the right thing while he was a bit of rebel doing his own thing. He wanted the Watchmen to get back together again because the Comedian (Played By Jeffrey Dean Morgan) was murdered at the beginning of the film and felt the watchmen were under threat. I aslo like all out realness that this sort of thing could happen to the world.

To me the ending which I will not reveal has a very good reason while some of you look on it as evil which I found in a way but I can understand the motivation for why it was done.

I heard about the Watchmen first from a Youtube User called Blunty3000 who I dont watch anymore and looked to be a real promising film to the consumer which I think it is excellent.

This is totally different to other superhero films which makes it good that they are neutral meaning they do good things but at the same time some of their actions can be thought of as bad which we as human beings realised that there is no such thing as True good or True evil.

I think there needs to be more of that in films where there can be something new that opens up our minds to how film/cinema/comic can be done. Im sick and tired of the same old stuff in films.

I think a moral should be told in films but I feel it should be done in an original way.


OK Guys I see that Face 2 Face is becoming a success which has taken over from the old Channel recommendations which is really cool. I am surprise though to be honest. I have had some messages from people saying they want to be on Face 2 Face which is excellent which at first the one I did with BillTVMacon was meant to be a one off but people liked it which was cool.

My E-mail address is if you want an interview or help out with any future Face 2 Face interviews like Intro or Music segments.

OK Bye everyone

Got a busy day looking after Ruby and stuff.


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