Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life in General, Barry Aldridge Face 2 Face NSGMusic & Brillant P0YKPAC Sketch

Hey guys

how is it going everyone?

Im doing great at the moment which is great, Im hoping to see my mate Arron tomorrow which is always fun. Dont know what we are doing hopefully it will be something fun maybe going to see the Watchmen film which should be awesome. I heard a lot of praise for the film which is great to go in for but I will be open minded for the film.

Heres a Trailer for the film

Brighton could be an option to see the film as Arron and myself enjoy Brighton a lot. So yeah going to be awesome sweet.

Life is going good at the moment with Ruby still being some inspiration to my family and me which is awesome. Hopefully it will get better.

Strawberry Bon Bons are so awesome. Check them out.

OK I did another Face 2 Face Interview but this time with NSG who is another favourite youtuber that I like to watch. The Interview was done in 2 parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Now the idea for the phone call interview came from NSG and doing it live together which was crazy to me at first but I thought after a little bit this could totally be the best idea for an interview ever. This turned out to be brillant. I was quite surprised how the chemistry worked in this interview. The question about Miz Kaz turned to be funny and my reaction to him was real and it made the interview even better.

It was a challenge to edit and the quality of NSGs footage when he send it to me was outstanding and brillant, totally outshone my footage completely and it looks good in High Quality.

Thank You NSG again for doing the Interview again.

Oh yeah the next guest has already contacted me to do a Face 2 Face which is awesome but wont be for another week at least, got to think of the questions now.

P0YKPAC a brilliant Brooklyn comedy act have come out with a brilliant sketch called "FAIL ALE"

I love this much it is totally brilliant. I hope it does get recognised on Youtube if not a Global feature on the front page but a feature in their comedy section it is really funny. Totally taking the mick but really well done. I love P0YKPAC so much.

OK Guys thats all I got for now

Hopefully I will be watching the Watchmen tomorrow.

Oh one thing final thing


Peace out


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Anonymous said...

Was an Great interview Barry, loved the part where you asked NSG about Miz Kaz. lol

I've heard mixed reviews about the Watchmen, some people have been saying it is total dogcrap, and others saying it was best thing this year! ...I must admit I haven't even watched the trailer, so I will watch it here now :)