Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bowling is awesome & Music Video to check out.

Hey guys

I went to Peterborough yesterday and thought that was amazing.

Before we arrived in Peterborough here's a nice video of mate Arron doing something from the Jay & Silent Bob films.

Arron is always fun to be around. Great guy.

Now I went up to Bowling in Peterborough and I thought it was going to be fun and full of laughs which it was.

My Bowling skills were top notch and I thought I was going to be shit but I destroyed everyone in it. I dont know when it comes to Bowling I am on a competition level, strange how that works.

For anyone who doesnt know what Bowling is here is a playlist to explain

To finish this entry. I love this video that NSG Produced and its called "Jeeday Jawz VS TEDD - Bitter"

Night everyone


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