Saturday, March 07, 2009

Red Nose Day 09 Video (Knock Knock Jokes)

It is my Red Nose Day video which I tell Knock Knock Jokes. Now finding good Knock Knock jokes wasnt really easy at all. I found most of them very stale and dont have an impact to make you laugh. Now the video will stop being an autoplay after the 13th of March.

Originally I found 14 Knock Knock Jokes that included my original one of Ruby and Guitar Hero III. Getting down to 5 was really hard to do. Lucky though after looking at couple of them I believe after telling them twice they would run stale to me. So I was able to come down to 5.

Now I did the serious messages and the opening of the video yesterday thinking I would do that easily and the Knock Knock thing would take time a long time.
Now I thought I would be able to do the video on Sunday because originally I was seeing some family but I was free to do it today thinking it would take hours but instead it took only a few minutes.

The Guitar Hero bit was very lucky to be honest. Ruby dancing at the door was pure luck. It was amazing. Everything was clicking. Im really happy that I got to do a Red Nose Day.

Sadly for people interested I didnt beat my high score on the song but hey I got the Comic Relief video done.

Now everyone have a great weekend again.


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