Monday, March 09, 2009

Short Notes (Its got nothing to do with me, Laptop Fun, Two Pints Of Lager, Superman and Brillant Cover Song)

OK before I begin talking about my new laptop which I am proud. I would like to say anyone who tells me what to do with Caps Lock and swearing like saying someone telling me remember this for the rest of your life like for example “**** Scott Mills” I am more likely to ignore that if it involves a curse word and caps lock because I see it as plain rude. Plus anyone else telling to do something with Caps and/or swearing I will also ignore because I think that is rude too. If you don’t like what I say in my blog you don’t have to say anything at all, just leave it be and move on.

Anyway speaking on this, Scott Mills has done nothing wrong to me, so don’t drag anything down my way unless Mr Mills has done something wrong to me ok. So I don’t care if you have a problem with someone unless we have the same problem. I will just say to you That’s your situation not mine ok.

That is the end of subject for good.

Right onto the fun side of my blog I am going to talk about my new laptop. Got it on Thursday after the nightmare visit to the dentist when I was told I will have to have two teeth pulled out including one of wisdom teeth. Right back to the laptop, I have been using so much lately which is really good. I was excited to use it. It was a pain to load up every program before I can use it but to fair it is my first laptop. I installed a couple of old games which were Sam & Max Season 1 and Command & Conquer 3 which worked so much better with my laptop.

I may install Music software to do some music in my free time. Should be something fun in my spare time. Hooray.

I watched a bad episode of Two Pints of Lager which was for Comic Relief and I normally like the show. It featured the cast of two really bad sitcoms (Grownups and Coming Of Age). It was a special for Comic Relief which I couldn’t be mad at completely. I did enjoy Two Pints: Fags, Lads and Kebabs documentary that looked back at the series after 8 series which is really awesome.

Liam aka Littleradge did some random photo on Facebook which I may share with you guys.

Liam just one question “Why am I Superman?” Just want to know

Finally I want to leave on a brillant video done by LaiYouttitham which was sent to me by RIPFILMS and I think this is so awesome. It is a cover to Halleujah and the editing of the video is superb.

OK Bye guys


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