Saturday, March 14, 2009

LittleMissKit (One Year On)

Hey Guys

I thought I better do a blog entry bit of a serious one.


OK It was one year ago today that I heard the news of LittleMissKit aka Anne that she passed away. I know people who read this may not know who she was so I will briefly explain who she was.

LittleMissKit I knew her best as Anne who was a big supporter to the causes like Youstage, when a few youtubers went to Bristol to win Upstaged competition. She was from Leeds and she was so full of life to anyone she met. She was also there when you went on Stickam to chat to some other youtubers which was awesome. She had some great helpful advice when you felt down and out.

I remember the first time when I applied for the Youtube Partner Program, she was one of the first to say sorry that I had been turned down for the partner. I took it in good humour and she knew. She thought I should be part of the Legend program which was great to hear and I knew she was playing.

She always left comments like Meow or any other comment to say she has seen the video which is really comment, some people would have thought of it as spam, but I knew it was her way of saying hello. She was brillant.

Here's some of her Youtube Videos

Viva La Annelution!

Nerdfighter Gathering - Apple Store

Nerdfighter Gathering Video

Now I was able to meet Anne on the 16th of February for Mhazz's 18th birthday thing, I cant remember and the first thing she said "You Better Keep It" around that time I was debating whether to ditch or keep my Real Name No Gimmicks catchphrase. I decided to keep it in the end but I never got to tell her that. Anyway when we chatted at London Victoria we talked about gatherings that we went to.

She mentioned about the Nerdfighter gathering that was organised by Maureen and Charlie in the previous month of last year. She told me that Charlie recieved my message that I couldnt come to his gathering because of Transport problems and told her how the Christmas gathering I did back in 2007 did which was really cool. Its nice to have a chat.

Anyway we spent the day with others around London and then around early afternoon she had to leave to go back to Leeds and we said goodbye to her with hugs and weaving.

Now on this date last year I had heard rumours from people that LittleMissKit had passed away. I was leaving it until it got mentioned in either a Stickam chat room Im in or in a Youtube video.

It got confirmed by Daveyboyz who did this tribute

Now I was in shock when I heard about the news. I was doing the old channel recommendations when I was going to do 2 in one day to catch up the series but when I watched Daveys I decided to put it on hold and do a tribute myself which I have privated now. Later on Jessica aka xbrokenmindedx also did a tribute which was very touching.

I know I feel sad that she aint with us anymore but I think she is in a better place where this world is so tough on people and everything around it.

I remember before Anne's funeral Jessica (xbrokenmindedx) asked me for a message to be put in a card which I did and I cant remember what I put in it but I remember Jessica being touched by this because she send me a <3.

I saw the other month that people did a tribute videos to the Boringdispatcher who passed away also in 2008 which was very nice. So they did a one year anniversary for his memory. I heard he was a really cool guy from a lot of people

I thought I'll do a blog entry to explain how I feel about a year on with Anne's passing. She was one of the nicest people I have ever met. She was very kind and thoughtful to others. She made me laugh as well. Like I said I know she is in a better place smiling.

I miss you Anne (RIP)

My heart goes out.


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