Friday, December 12, 2008

WoolWorths (RIP) and Life/Classroom Experience

Hey everyone

I felt really sad over the last couple of weeks to find out the store Woolworths is closing down forever. I was really shocked to hear about the news of the store shutting down because they have gone into administration because it is seriously in debt.

My memories of going to Woolies was brillant. Going to the Pick & Mix when it was really cheap and getting the best toys where it was different from other high street stores. I got some dvds at really good prices there when I got older and when I moved down to the South Coast from London. I had a woolworths which is 2 minute walk away from me and now it is going and makes me sad.

RIP - Woolworths.

OK onto the second topic I was talking to Sam (Samcaplat on Youtube) and we were talking about experiences with education and life. Now Sam told me about leaving college because he found it really too easy and needed a challenge. He now works with his mate repairing cars which is I think it is Vehicle mechanics level 2 which he mentioned. He thought college wasnt up to scratch for him. He found out that working and learning outside of College a more of a challenge.

I sometimes found out that I have a better grasp for learning when it is outside of the classroom whether its about money, looking for work and how to deal with real life situations whether it is a relationship or how to do some gardening if you have a garden. But I will admit University was brillant for me to help build some confidences when doing projects and how to give speeches to other people in the room with full confidence.

I think going outside in the real world can be a better experience than what you learn in the classroom but there are times that you need a classroom to give you knowledge otherwise you get really lazy which happens to me some of the time. But it does depend on what your goals are in life otherwise you will always be stuck in square one.

Anyway have a good weekend everyone.

Speak to you later.


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