Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hey everyone

I have gotten into the christmas spirit with different types of games. I have spoken about computer games and I watched a couple of videos from Mememolly and Frezned, where they were playing Jenga. This made me go out and buy Jenga because I couldnt find mine, its in a box somewhere I cant be bothered to find it.

Jenga according to Wikipedia is

"a game of physical and mental skill, marketed by Hasbro, in which players remove blocks from a tower and put them on top. The word jenga is derived from kujenga, the Swahili verb "to build"; jenga! is the imperative form."

I think this is a really fun game that should be bought for christmas if you are bored.

Hasbro Web Link to Jenga

OK I will leave you on the videos by Mememolly and Frezned.

Have a good sunday


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Permanent Grip said...

i never had the patience for Jenga... plus i was terrible at it, lol. maybe thats why i never played it much when we had it. i might give it a second try, though.