Sunday, December 07, 2008

Little Shorts - (Computer Games, N33L3SH, Star Wars and Jazza Aka RhymingWithOranges)

This is not a proper entry but will do one later in the week.

1) I can't stop thinking about Computer Games maybe its because it is Christmas and they come out with top titles for half price which is awesome. I have bought 5 games like that in the last couple of weeks. Which I mentioned on my twitter and in one of my previous entries.

2) I met up with N33L3SH for the first time yesterday and it was a quick meeting but it was fun. We are now following each other on Twitter. May talk to him again on MSN when I get on there.

3) I have been watching Star Wars over the last couple of days and its nice to see. How the old trilogy totally kicks the new trilogy's butt. It was down to how the films were made and the stories within each one. Well George Lucas isn't the best story teller in the film industry.

4) I was reading Rhymingwithoranges Blog around 30 minutes ago. I agree with him on a couple of points he mentioned like I don't like to ask people to subscribe there were a couple of times I did that but realised it wasnt my way and that it was very unkind to ask people to subscribe. The second point is about vlogging where in the past It was very easy for me to do that but it gets a bit tricky now. It is because I was eager at first to do them but now the butterfiles had gone and its not so exciting to do a vlog. I still love doing them.

RhymingWithOranges Blog
- Its a good read.

Will do a proper entry later this week.


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