Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Project For Awesome 2008 - National Autistic Society

Hello Everyone

It is the 17th of December 2008. Today is the Project of Awesome Day that was started last year by John & Hank Green (Vlogbrothers). I took part last year to do the National Autistic Society as my chosen charity. This year I have chosen the same charity which is very important and close to my heart.

National Autistic Society champion the rights and interests of all people with autism and aim to provide individuals with autism and their families with help, support and services that they can access, trust and rely upon and which can make a positive difference to their lives.

Why am I supporting the National Autistic Society?

The reason I am supporting it is because when I was three years old was diagnosed with Autism and went to special schools that they were outside of mainstream schooling. The Charity was able to give my family some real help on how to deal with me if I was acting strange to other people or to my family.

The National Autistic Society gave out a lot of help to people who have autism who were wondering what to do within society.

Why should people donate to the National Autistic Society?

The reason people should donate is because so then the NAS would try to find ways to help people who have autism to find a way to integrate into mainstream society.

In the past I used to post my own videos on here and then stopped because it was annoying people which is understandable but for today it is an important charity to me so I will be posting my Project For Awesome Video on this blog entry.

I hope everyone today looks at every single Project For Awesome video that comes out over the next couple of days, I know I will. I will leave a comment and rate them 5 stars because I know that every single charity is made of awesome.


I will do a normal entry around tomorrow.

Bye for now


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Permanent Grip said...

Project for Awesome? YES!!! the vlogbrothers started something amazing and youre amazing for helping out those in need by participating in this. kudos to you good sir!