Monday, December 08, 2008

Catching Up On Youtube, Twitter is fun again and Old Classic Computer Games FTW

To be honest I enjoyed doing that short blog entry I did yesterday and prove to be fun so I may do more short blogs to show whats going on and plus it would be like a diary.

1) I was away from my youtube account over the weekend to give a break. Its nice to do every now and then. I am catching up on my subscriptions and it is difficult.

2) The other week I said that Twitter had been distracting and good news is while giving a bit of rest from Twitter it has made me feel alive again which is brillant.

3) I was playing on the Wii and I remember the old games I downloaded from Nintendo store and played a couple of games which were Streets Of Rage II and Super Mario World.

Super Mario World (Game)

Streets Of Rage II - This advert is really funny.

Thats all for now.



1 comment:

el director! said...

i remember super mario world. back in the day, those 96 levels were astounding. plus there was yoshi!