Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Social Network Break is going excellent, Youtube Community Videos and Yakuza 3

Hey guys

Since my post I havent used Twitter in 5 days and its really good and Im kinda of glad to as well. I have been on a couple of twitter pages offline just to check on Game and Gaming deals which sort of breaks it but I havent left a tweet in that long so it still counts in my view.

Anyway I feel a lot more refreshed without Twitter, Dailybooth and Formspring at the moment as they arent the most important thing in the world. Real life and work have become more important at the moment. I may come back but at the moment will have to wait and see.

OK I did the video response to AaronCast86's question about I found the Youtube Community a few days early but I got it done.

Also a few other people have done responses to Aaron which is great to hear all the different stories.


Katrina aka Walllofweird


There are many other videos that talk about this which you can look at and there are loads of different stories on this topic and its great.

I may go and see NSG this week as I have been meaning to for a while since I last saw him in October for the launch of his DJ Hero in an exclusive showcase. I always love going to see NSG as one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Defintely good times.

I have decided to buy Yakuza 3 on the PS3 which is awesome because it looks a really fun game judging on what you can do and it has a different feel to other open world games like Grand Theft Auto.

Im excited to play this game, it has been out in Japan for a year and the fourth game came out in Japan a week after the third game was released over here in the UK. So im excited about that if it makes a release and if I like the third game.

Finally I have been watching Fantastic Mr Fox a lot lately on Blu-Ray and it is one of my favourite films ever.

OK time to end it


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