Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taking Holidays from Social Network Sites, God Of War III and Another Response Coming

Hey guys

The other day I reached a decision that I may take a holiday from Twitter and Dailybooth. I will never use Formspring again.

The reason behind not using Twitter is maybe some of the negativity that I read from people its sad that people use it for anger issues on whether they want but oh well it just reached a point to me. The other reason is I dont have time to use it nowadays unless it is promoting my videos or someone else's videos because of living life and going to work whether it is Tescos or voluntary work. I agree it can be distracting having so many social network sites to keep up with and it is nice to get on with my own life.

With Dailybooth I cant think of any pictures that could be creative plus I havent taken a picture in over a week so it doesnt matter.

I finally got God Of War III which I got the ultimate trilogy edition boxset

I also did a review the other day to give my thoughts

I finally finished playing the game and I have to say WHOA on the ending and it is fantastic. Its one of those games I would go back to again and again like I said in the review. I picked up on the extra skins that I got with the edition I bought and they are all really cool. The bonus videos looking at behind the scenes of the game are really cool to watch to understand

I maybe doing another video response which is great because I miss doing normal vlogging on Youtube. Its another response to Aaroncast86 which I may upload either Sunday or early next week which I mentioned to him on Youtube.

Its about how you got into the Youtube community in the first place and I like this idea. I really want to get back into vlogging again because I have done a lot of videos on gaming which is still vlogging in some aspects but normal vlogging about life is something I want to get back into.

OK thats it for now. I hope to do a proper entry soon and take care.


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Dom said...

I'm sure it'll do you good the break. You have created a life for yourself with work and the social events you take part in. That's where the fun's at Barry.

You'll get far more out of that that you ever will from people typing 140 character messages out of boredom. Social networking is good for people with no life but is a distraction for those who do.

Well done on everything you've done to get on in life Barry. It's briliant!