Thursday, April 01, 2010

Daveyboyz & Barry Aldridge in Brighton (August 2008) & Conflict/Beef

Hey Guys

Im at NSGs at the moment just chilling out and its around half 7 in the morning and feel good. OK good news for me is that Davey unprivated our collab we did in Brighton which I found funny to do.

It was a shame that Davey privated it after it was uploaded because a lot of my family got the joke and some youtubers got the joke. They were some who didnt get it because of the humour and they are good friends of mine which is cool, then there were some who didnt get it maybe because of jealously that I got to work with Davey which some of my friends think and they could be right.

Davey if you read this PLEASE DONT UNPRIVATED THE VIDEO. I know you get worried with public conscience but FUCK THAT if you like what we did keep it up. I know I had some issues with you at one point but I let it go and thats how we were able to do a Face 2 Face. I feel Im getting too old to get into beef with other youtubers to me its more laughable seeing other youtubers arguing over things.

Oh yeah I have heard about and read DoctorBenjy's blog about the state of Youtube of what he thinks, Nerimon's comments to the blog in the comments and Tom Milsom's reponse to Benjy's blog on his website. I will say I am not going to get involved with my views. I only got caught with reading them on Tuesday while they were posted last Thursday because of doing with Tescos between that time period.

To me any situation of conflict or the word I like Beef nowadays is considered laughable because it reminded of me beefing with others when I was younger while I took seriously when I was younger nowadays I consider it more of a laugh and look back in the time and just say how stupid we were. Some of the beefs I had in the past have been squashed or moved on but at least they got resolved.

I know that some people one day when they had an issue with someone either in real life or on the internet will either a) squash their situation or b) move on from the situation and get on with life. Thats the two outcomes of any situation that involves conflict.

OK moving on to the final talk.

I always love it when BillTVMacon comes out with something good. Hes one of my favourite youtubers

OK Got to go Im about to fall off NSG's chair haha.




nerimon said...

Can 'Squash That Beef' be the motto of the YouTube community? I want it on a t-shirt :D


Barry Aldridge said...

Hey Alex

I mentioned it my answer in another blog entry but just in case.

I think that is an excellent idea.