Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hows my life going? (14th April)

Hey Guys

Its been some time since my last entry and it was Good Friday when I did a quick one for World Autism Awareness Day and I felt really happy with how that video turned out in the end. Got great support from people including Gary (CheekTV), CheekyChen, Pixonu, Liliesarelike (Charlie Mcdonnell's Mum), John Green and lot more people showing support for the video.

This is a huge thanks to everyone watching and leaving a comment. I did have an e-mail from someone who produced a website called Autism151. They contacted me yesterday asking if they could put my video onto their site and I said yes.

I am now on the site with the video and you can go here Autism151 Website

Its really good that someone from a site contacted me and loved what I did for WAAD. I love that.

OK another point I want to bring up the previous blog entry called "Daveyboyz & Barry Aldridge in Brighton (August 2008) & Conflict/Beef" I received a comment from Nerimon asking me a question "Can 'Squash That Beef' be the motto of the YouTube community?", now I think this could be a good idea as while I dont get involved with things going on but I feel there should a message to say there are people including me tired hearing about conflicts among the community.

So yeah Im with Nerimon on this one. I think that DFTBA Records should sell the T-shirt if they think it is a good idea. Probably wont be but who knows.

Right back to my life, yesterday my mate Arron came round for a visit to see me and we had a blast. Played on a few games including Rock Band 2 and Beatles Rock Band and that was fun.

We tried to come up with a number of video ideas but we were able to do one idea that I wanted to do for a while and it was doing an MTV Crib spoof video.

I do a crib one a long time ago and felt it is hard to watch nowadays so I privated that video and a new Youcrib video.

I got the idea from NSG who did one back in December

Now onto how the video was made. The beginning bit with the outside was Arron's idea and I told him what to say and thats it and then the rest was uncut and it was 10 minutes long once we finished filming and had to take out bits where I rambled on about certain stories which werent funny so I took them out and it made the final video better. To have background music was Arron's idea as well, as he remembers the days of MTV Cribs which is cool. Some people have said the music is a bit loud at certain points but hey its a learning curve.

I started to do Doctor Who reviews a couple of weeks ago and I have to say Im having fun doing them.

I am going to continue with this as I am having fun doing them. I cant wait til Saturday's episode with the Winston Churchill and The Daleks.

Before I go I have bought a load of PS3 games and thought I would what I think quickly

Yakuza 3 - Great game with a great storyline but can be boring at times
Just Cause 2 - Fun and over the top action game, controls can be a problem
Brutal Legend - Funny game but takes time to get used to
Bioshock 2 - Need to play more haha

OK Im done and hope there is more blogs to come.

OK Bye


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