Thursday, June 13, 2013

Looking back at first 6 months of 2013

Hello everyone

The first half of the year has gone really fast and I can't believe it has come around so fast it is so amazing and realising that getting older does mean time goes a lot quicker. Depends what your outlook is but to me it has gone quickly.

There are 3 things that have totally surprised this year

1) My 30th birthday turned out to be a total blast indeed. Earlier on in the year I almost left YouTube because of business stuff and me hating the corporation machine as some people would say. It was brilliant that I had friends who helped me out and some people may have misunderstood that they thought I was taking them for a ride, I was not at all just some people thinking they know what's going on. I'm going off point, once my 30th arrived it turned into one of the best birthdays I ever had as I was able to go down to Brighton with my best mates for bowling, pub and usual fun we have. I got to say the Office boxset that my folks got me was one of the best presents up there with Sherlock series 2. Great day overall.

2) Going to 10 Downing Street just last month was an icing on the cake. It turned it was going to be my second time there. It turned I went there when I was 5 and can't remember until my mum told before I headed out the door to head to London. It was part of the IF campaign to end world hunger. I went with Lindsay, Charlie, Chris, Lizzie and Jourdan to hand in a petition with Save The Children. I kept on thinking of Reservoir Dogs that day. I did a video of the day and it was fun making and being at the event. Really proud of Lindsay and Charlie and everyone who wanted this to happen. Being in Hyde Park last weekend for the big rally was brilliant too. Emotional too

Finally 3) My final Bath gathering went off like a calm blue ocean. Don't worry there are sure to be more of them in the future. It was a great day to be with Youtubers again even though I saw them back in March for Bristol one, it felt like 6 months later instead of 3. Being by the Royal Crescent is always a highlight even though the gathering can be remembered as nearly everyone got sunburnt either face or their arms. I got it worst and wont talk about what happened the next week at Hyde Park for the rally.

It has been a fun year so far and full of surprises. Don't take anything for granted.

Speak to you later.

I hope to get "The Last Of Us" later today




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