Thursday, April 11, 2013

Being Busy. Good and Bad!

Hey everyone

It's been a long time since I have done a post and I have said that before haha.

I discovered that Blogger is now on the iPad and now I can do it without putting on my laptop every single time.

I'm over what happened earlier this year with me leaving YouTube altogether for those wondering and feeling in a great mood but sometimes stress does kick in when it comes to being busy.

For the last 18 months I have been busy nearly everyday doing something whether it is work with my job at Tescos, voluntary work in Shoreham dong audio editing and voluntary work in London to help out autistic people. It's really crazy.

Last year I decided to cut back from one of my voluntary jobs because of train fares and amount of work that was done in a really quick time.

I remember having two different chats a while ago and they both told me on separate occasions that it is ok to be doing something every day and the days go quicker. That is true to a degree but sometimes when you are busy for so long that you get used to it, that it can be slow or can destroy you mentality.

A couple of weeks I felt a lot stress from doing a different job every day for a few weeks ago and felt I needed a day off to get rid of the stress. Lucky though I had a surprise visit from an uncle I ain't seen in years. It was great seeing him again.

Over the course of time when sorting out job stuff, I had a chat with my best mate and he said to cut back on my other voluntary job to once every 2 weeks which is a brilliant idea. This would also help with my other voluntary job in Shoreham if they need me on Thursdays which they did today early in the morning.

The disadvantage of not being busy is that days are long and boring. You feel you haven't achieved anything at all. Makes you feel empty. So to me I need to find the right balance which I hope to soon. It will take time.

Thanks for reading



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