Thursday, December 13, 2012

Welcome Back Barry (Part 2) - The Hip Hop Album (Part 1)

Hey again everyone

As promised I am going to talk about how I am going to do my Hip Hop album and how I got into loving Hip Hop/Rap music.

First of all how did I start loving Hip Hop music. I was 13 years old at the time and my brother was trying to get me into music a lot more, so he got out a Cypress Hill called The Temples Of Boom and had a track called "Throw Your Set In The Air" cool joint then along the way he introduced me to Snoop Dogg's Debut Album called "DoggyStyle" then more West Coast and my love for the genre really kicked in with also East Coast stuff from Biggie Smalls and Nas helping out as well

My brother stopped listening to it years later but I am still going and proud of it, so I thank my brother for it every day which is brilliant.

Now during my school days I tried to rap but I had problems which were 1) I couldn't flow right and 2) I was incredibly shy which I am still am now. That is one of the things I really need to get through which I did talk about in a vlog a little while ago.

Its been 14 years since I wanted to do this but its down to my confidence and my ability to get it done. I want to record the album next year and have it out by the end of next year at least. For me this is the scariest fucking thing I have ever done. This is the biggest demon that I have to face left, which is stage confidence. I did have those nerves when on stage at the Bath Gathering a few days ago. Thats something to work on too.

What made my decision to do an album, I was in my room going through a bit over a break up which was grown up and done right in terms of a break up and I was listening to Drake's 2nd Album "Take Care" because I used to sing lyrics from that album to my ex and I was listening to the track "Lord Knows" and heard from Rick Ross's verse. It felt it had a lot of power and swagger to the verse which was brilliant and reminded me of Biggie Smalls. One of my favourite MCs of all time. That how I wanted to do an album.

Now I am thinking of concepts and ideas for the album which includes a mix variety of tracks. Some people thought my twitter and facebook were hacked when I mentioned this idea. I have heard people are excited for it including one of my favourite indie musicians ever Tom Milsom. Who is very critical and honest about the music scene. I said to him I don't mind how he rates my album as long I get it done but I know Tom said to me that he knows it will be my own words and thoughts going into it. Now that deserves a huge amount of respect.

I will start talking about the tracks in another entry which could be tomorrow or over the weekend when I have a lot more time to do it.

Take care for now guys.



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