Friday, April 08, 2011

Great Days Are Always Around

Hey everyone

I realise that I havent done a normal blog entry in a really long time talking about whats going on in my life but I have Youtube, Audioboo and Dailybooth just to help me out.

Anyway I decided to give my blog another go. Lots of great things have happened to me lately and I felt that I wanted to share them.

I went to a Bristol Youtube Gathering 13 days ago and it proved to be one of the best gatherings I ever went to. It so reminded me of 2007 and early 2008 gatherings I went to because it felt new and fresh. As a friend said on Facebook it is a new generation of Youtubers that attended the event and had fun along the way. It was a wonderful feeling returning to Bristol. I consider it a place like Bath a place away from Home that made me feel comfortable.

There are a number of gathering videos including a couple of outstanding ones from my friend Ray (Ir0nIsland)

I know it is a lot of videos but there are some really funny ones and well edited ones. Bristol 2011 gathering will be remembered.

After that everything that was a dream became a reality apart from my Dad going into Hospital for a shoulder injury, lucky though he had an operation and is ok, I hope to see him again in hospital if not this weekend maybe next week before I go for the Youtube Stars event in London.

Like I said in the title, great days are always around as long you dont take them for granted.

On Wednesday I got an Ipad 2 through the post as I ordered one as soon they were in stock at Tescos because I get a 10% discount and Im loving it. On the same day it was when Michael Aranda was trapped in France which is a surprise, I hope he does get back into the UK but at the same moment no luck.

On Thursday I received my prize from a competition that I won for review of the month for my review of Gran Turismo 5 I did back in November.

I won all this kit and problem is I aint got a Desktop PC so it could be a while before I can try out this kit but hope to one day. My friend Michael (Micgamer16) suggested I could give it away to my subscribers in a competition, if I remember one day and if I feel I aint going to get any use out of it after a while.

Heres a picture of the kit

What a week for me but I hope others are having a great week at the moment.

Also I would like to leave on a positive note

Its always brilliant to see a great video from my man NSG and his friends Miz Kaz and Logic

Take it easy everyone


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