Friday, June 25, 2010

Face 2 Face is Back with Mr Buchanan, Old Memories (AudioBoo)

Hey Guys Its been a long time since I did a written blog and was going to be audio at first but thought nah I couldn't do it written.

First of all FACE 2 FACE is back -

Its with a youtuber by the name of MrBuchananToYou who I think is a fantastic vlogger and makes brilliant points within his videos.

OK onto the story of how it happenend I saw that Kris did some brilliant vlogs ranging from Politics and what is going on in Youtube so I thought I will contact him and he accepted which was brilliant.

I was going getting the questions together and send them to Kris then a week later I got his footage back and everything was going smoothly then a problem got in with the audio going wrong later in the footage but lucky though it wasnt a difficult problem to solve then I put Kris's footage on another site then converted into another file type that helped the audio better when it was going wrong.

It was weird that it played normal with no problems in Windows Media Player but when in my editing software it was unpredictable but anyway I was able to do it right and I replaced the audio from the original file that Kris send me and it took some time to put the audio syncing with the video but I did it.

Thanks again Kris.

Like Kris said in his interview about his future that the only way Im going to stop making youtube videos is when I treat it like a chore.

The next part is an audioboo where I mention talking about old memories


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