Friday, June 27, 2008

Time for A Holiday

Hey everyone

OK I got some bad news for you I'll be going on holiday from tomorrow to Newquay for 1 whole week.

To me it is fantastic because I haven't had a holiday in years to be honest. I know it is very shocking everyone.

OK Here is a video to Newquay Guide (Below), ok it is a commericalised style of a video but it explains Newquay quite well in my opinion.

Here's a video of the beach life

Here's a video of the nightlife

These are some excellent videos which I dont need to explain mate. I have been Newquays quite a few times and it is awesome.

So yeah I won't be able to update this blog because I will be without the Internet. Which totally sucks.

On the story series with JDM525 that I haven't done any more on the stories because I have been packing for my holiday which I need.

So yeah See you guys next saturday the 5th Of July.

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