Monday, June 23, 2008

The Detective Story I have Planned

OK onto the story I had planned in general. I thought of a detective story that is set in London and Brighton going back and forth.

Message to JDM525 (and anyone else interested.)

Now Jonny (JDM525) asked me to introduce my story that is the detective series.

I thought I'll introduce the character of the detective and some of the story. Im going to put these in number points

1) This Detective lives in Brighton around 5 minutes away from the centre of Brighton. So the beginning of each episode starts in Brighton with the detective in his office looking out at the seafront of Brighton.

2) This Detective is very closed, he doesn't like to share about his past experiences which you don't know about in the beginnning where by the end of the series you start to realise why he doesn't give away his past.

3) His past dealings are quite tragic where he had a relationship with a woman thinking it was best thing in the world and realised this woman had taken away his pride, his money and his intergrity. It is heartbreaking for the detective that he had been played for a sucker. He was about to marry this woman until he found out and now has problems when it comes to female clients. He doesn't like to open up which he finds it difficult to.

4) Now I have details about what the first episode could be about. Now it has to introduce the detective character with the first part in this first episode introduces his character and shows around where he lives in Brighton, then after a bit it goes into the first case of the series which I have decided to keep it local at the moment. So it will be based in Brighton and a series of murders and also this detective has to find this person if he or she is alive.

5) OK a bit more detail into the character after his break up he took up smoking and has a few smokes every now and then. Some of his friends are worried about him in general. He has a few a day.

Thats all I got so far.

Enjoy everyone and Jonny


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