Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Welcome Back Barry (Part 1)

Hey everyone

Its a long time since I last did a blog post on here and I have seen a few friends I know come out with blogging and thought I would make a comeback.

Now A lot has happened to me which some of it has been great and some not so great but have to deal with it one day at a time.

I don't have the most interesting life and I don't know why people like me, its puzzling me at times. I don't want to develop an ego where I have seen people who had no egos back in the day, having egos later in life where they aren't healthy to other people. That's probably why I find it a surprise.

Anyway no more negative stuff.

During the summer and autumn I helped out with a couple of projects where I was an Associate Producer for The Chronicles Of Syntax where I had a lot of fun on set. Sadly I can't talk about what happened and what I did because contracts and that's understandable.

The other project was as an executive producer for a film called Dark Roar which is based in Brighton. I hung around the crew for the day and it was great day to be had.

I'm waiting on the screening dates to happen which will be interesting indeed.

I also helped out on a project with my neighbour being the director. Its called RG1 where during Summer In The City weekend on the Sunday I helped out for one day which a lot of fun. It finished and it had a screening last Tuesday which I couldn't make it because of money and needed it for the Bath Gathering last weekend which I will get to. It got onto the local news which I was gutted about not going but hey Im glad I helped out with the project. I have seen it and it was nice short film dealing with Youth Crime.

Speaking about the Bath Gathering and my trips to Bath this year have been brilliant. I always love going there. I did 2 Bath Gatherings this year which was first and broke my own rule of only doing 1. Last weekend was memorable for the Christmas one. I'm glad we did it for the memory of Nathan Wills who passed away during the summer. Nathan to me and a lot of people was a great friend and will be missed indeed.

Charlotte's videos shows the gatherings really well from the summer one and the one last weekend for Christmas.

Bath Summer Gathering

Bath Festive Gathering

I got a lot more to say but may leave for another entry tomorrow in the second part where I talk about my music album and my near feud with YouTube and certain YouTubers I was so close to dissing NO JOKE which Im glad I never did.

Take Care Guys