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Doctor Who (1996) Film Review

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Doctor Who Review of the 1996 film starring Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor Who. Who has to save the world from the Master played by Eric Roberts. Daphne Ashbrook plays the Companion Grace.

Written by Mathew Jacobs and Directed by Geoffrey Sax

PLOT (Spoilers)

As the film opens, The Master has been tried on Skaro and found guilty of a "list of evil crimes,". His death sentence at the hands of the Daleks has been carried out. His last wish was for his remains to be returned to Gallifrey by his archenemy, the Doctor, currently in his seventh incarnation.

During the trip back to Gallifrey in the Doctor's TARDIS, the vessel shakes, causing the box containing the Master's remains to shatter and allowing a sentient ooze to escape from it. The ooze enters the TARDIS controls and forces an emergency landing in Chinatown in San Francisco, California on New Year's Eve 1999. As the Doctor steps from the TARDIS to find his bearings, he is shot by a gang who are chasing down Chang Lee, a young Chinese-American man. Lee calls for an ambulance, and the Doctor is rushed to a nearby hospital. The surgeons find, through X-rays, that the Doctor has two hearts, but they assume the x-ray image is a double exposure. As cardiologist Dr. Grace Holloway starts to operate with a cardiac probe, the Doctor wakes up, tells her that he needs a beryllium atomic clock, and then falls into a seizure, eventually flatlining. Dr. Holloway declares the Doctor dead, and his body is placed into a morgue. Lee steals the Doctor's possessions, including the TARDIS key, and runs off. Meanwhile, the ooze, which had stowed itself away on the ambulance, attacks and takes over the body of the ambulance driver, Bruce. When Bruce's wife questions his odd behaviour, the Master, now controlling his body murders her.

Late in the night, the Doctor regenerates into a new body, and leaves the morgue in a state of confusion, donning parts of costumes intended for the New Year's Party later that night. He follows Dr. Holloway as she leaves the hospital, and convinces her that he is the same man she operated on earlier. Dr. Holloway, who has lost her job at the hospital as a result of the disastrous operation on him, takes the Doctor to her home. Meanwhile, Lee has returned to the TARDIS with the key, and entered the time machine. The Master arrives soon afterwards and tells Lee that the Doctor stole the TARDIS from him, as well as his body, which he wants to retrieve. He convinces Lee to open the Eye of Harmony thanks to his human retinal pattern.

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