Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Mood Is Wonderful

Hey everyone

I thought I would do a normal blog today just talking about the mood of Spring and how wonderful it can be.

I have always preferred Spring to Summer and Autumn. I would consider Summer as the worst because it gets too warm. I love the air in Spring because it feels really fresh and even though Winter is very cold, the air in that is fresh as well but freezing haha.

The Spring to me always bring a new beginning in phase of my life, I think it does in people. I have stayed local a lot lately for the weather as we have been very lucky. A couple of weeks ago it felt like Summer in terms of weather and temperature which was different as I dont mind some differences. Its one of those things that can fully understand when you reach an certain age or when you are smart enough to understand.

Short thought of Spring.

I have been catching on Doctor Who a lot lately watching not only the new series and the classic series either on DVD or Youtube.

Thats all for now


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