Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthday and Other Updates (Written Blog at last)

Good Morning Guys

I have not done a written blog in a long time and I have nearly forgotten how to do one of these. I know that some people who read my blog in the past may have moved on which is understandable. Lately my posts have been Youtube videos, as I had nothing esle to say with it.

Anyway things have been a little strange for me. I have been waking up at 4am quite a bit lately which isnt good for my body clock. I had to wake up at that time for the early morning shifts at my job but it stuck with my me for last couple of days. I hope it does disappear after my shift today otherwise I feel I am in trouble.

I have been watching a lot of Top Gear over the last couple of weeks, it includes these

I have to say I like the Challenges and Adventures DVDs they released as they are more interesting to see than testing car dvds which I dont mind watching on TV once and then thats it.

My birthday the other week was really good and had some fun the next few days afterwards. On my birthday I took my family out for a meal to Harvester and it was fun then I got back to find out I had a package and needed to pay £15 for a custom charge which is digusting and never going to order a lot in one order from the states again. I also got a load of presents which include a couple of toys which are shown here

My Toy Shelf

Im proud of all the toys.

The Following day I went to Portsmouth to see Danny and we looked around. We also went to the D Day Museum which was really good as we watched a film about D Day and the leading days of the second World War. It was interesting indeed then at around 5 o'clock we went on the Spinnaker Tower and it was scary at first but got used to the height afterwards. It was brilliant up there.

Saturday I had a gathering for my birthday and it was awesome

Had a long day in Jubilee Gardens, Convent Garden with the Apple Store and Cybercandy, Forbidden Planet and then Leicester Square which left to do other stuff in London and then leaving at around 7 as I was so tired.

Thats it for now everyone. I hope to keep doing written blogs again.

I know they losing touch or people have moved onto Tumblr as I dont like it. Hey it happens it happens.

Take it easy everyone


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el director! said...

Looks like a great birthday gathering. Sorry couldn't come - arrived from Poland that day and was too late to make it. Happy (belated) birthday!