Saturday, December 18, 2010

Project For Awesome 2010 (National Autistic Society)

Hey everyone

This entry I was meant to do yesterday but saved it for today and it is about the Project For Awesome 2010. I have taken part in the Project For Awesome for the last 4 years and I have always supported the charity "National Autistic Society" which is very close to my heart

Here is my video

I really like the ending to the video with Ruby. What a dog.

I also found out that the National Autistic Society did a video for the Project For Awesome which is fantastic.

Here is theirs

Which I am so happy about

I also did an audioboo talking about the Project For Awesome.


I think this is fantastic, the Project For Awesome and hope it comes back for a fifth year. About to get some rest, so then I can watch the Live show at Midnight my time.

Take care and as John Green would say "Best Wishes"


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