Sunday, July 04, 2010

I wish people were honest if I done something wrong.


Just something that bothers me a bit.

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Stevious said...

Hello Barry, I don't know why your followers don't reply to these. I think these Audio Boos are great, they're pretty much Podcasts, and I would love to do a Podcast some day, just shooting the crap with a friend.

Anyway, I agree with you completely. If I said something completely wrong or out of context I would like for someone to step up and correct me so that I would, as you said, become a better person. It bothers me that if I said something wrong, and someone just lets me ramble on, I would feel idiotic.

Also, in other context of your Audio Boo, Ive had experience with Trolls asking my friends what they think of my unoriginality. I really wish this troll would talk to me directly.